About Us

Clan Centurio is a casual friendly FC that loves to help every member to play to the fullest in the game. We love to help in any way we can - all anybody needs to do is ask and we'll help as much as possible. We want to have a great FC that feels like family.

We are Rank 8 and have a mansion in the Lavender Beds. We're in the 3rd Ward, Subdivision Northeast, Lot 58. We're just down the hill from the Market Board and the Sub NE aetherite. We love visitors so feel free to come check us out.

We have a strong group of leaders who strive to constantly improve our FC. Any one of these members can answer any of your questions.

Our Fearless Leaders

  1. Calcion VeranhartCalcion Veranhart aka Cave
  2. Mylan VeranhartMylan Veranhart
  3. Sylph DaggerSylph Dagger
  4. Yuki TorchwikYuki Torchwik
  5. Delvyn BankstonDelvyn Bankston aka Brook
  6. Fava BeanFava Bean
  7. Keaira StarkKeaira Stark