Combat system

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Combat system

Post by Ringmasterjdp » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:32 pm

I read they are changing combat system. Is there any info on what is being changed or added?

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Re: Combat system

Post by ZidaneEstheim » Tue May 09, 2017 5:22 pm

"Yoshida cleared the air on the battle system update. This isn’t an entirely new combat system. We won’t see Final Fantasy XIV reboot and end up with an action combat system or something to that effect. What we will see is the pruning of some skills with redundancies and the possibility of others being merged. As the game grows and new skills are added with expansions they are aware that it gets harder to play the game especially for players that use a controller.

They are also conscious of the difference between players that perform at an elite level and those that take the game more casually. The rotations for optimal DPS have become overly complex. Their intent is to adjust the game so it raises the floor for the more casual player.

Finally they are working on UI enhancements. These are deep in development and probably won’t be ready to be displayed until May. One of the major enhancements they are aiming for is for players to be able to better track their buffs and debuffs.

Combat isn’t the only thing that the developers are looking to enhance. They are also looking for ways to optimize the experience on the PS4. To that end they are already working on a patch for the PS4 Pro that will make the game run better."

Cited from ... 3UKQ8rJ.99

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