Welcome to Clan Centurio! We are a Free Company from Final Fantasy XIV Online. We live on the Primal datacenter and make our home on Exodus.

We gladly accept new members, be they green leaves or veteran players or anywhere between. To join you just need to apply in-game or send a friendly tell to one of the leaders mentioned on our About page.

For info on special events and other activities check out our Calendar. We try to help our members keep up on content and we have standard activities like Primals, Mount Farming, Diadem, Wondrous Tails, and Treasure Maps. We also have special events frequently including FC favorites The Zombie Apocalypse and Murder Mystery Night.

We also have raid groups working on current content. As the raids get cleared we will be helping those interested, who aren't hard-core raiders, learn the raids.

We encourage members to group together to tackle roulettes and other daily/weekly dungeon content. We also accept requests from members for help with any content.

So, take a look around and should you join us our clan has a very strict entrance examination. We should begin yours at once.... And you pass! See you all in Eorzea!