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The world - Hydaelyn. The place - Eorzea.

The region known as Eorzea, the continent Aldenard and its surrounding islands, is home to a civilization of the same name. This civilization is composed of independent city-states that include Limsa Lominsa - home to port dwellers and pirates; Ul'dah - a wealthy desert diamond in the rough; Gridania - a deep and ancient woodland; and Ishgard - perched proudly in the mountains above the rest.

The regions of Eorzea are at once desolate and wonderous - lands frought with danger and yet alluring to the curious adventurer. The land has been beaten and molested by warring city-states that have struggled with one another for ages.

And yet through it all the gods have not forsaken this devastated land. The crystals still exist and with them all of Hydaelyn and its creatures. These crystals are the treasure for which adventurers risk everything, forsaking safety in pursuit of adventure and glory.

Final Fantasy's fourteenth installment will delve back into the world of MMORPG's. This new online adventure strives to create rich character development and an experience that will be rewarding to both party players and solo adventurers. The game will be released simultaneously worldwide across all platforms.

PS3 - Japan, US, Europe: 2010
PC - Japan, US, Europe: 2010


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