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Chocographs & More

Chocographs | Treasure Troves

During the Chocobo Hot & Cold mini game you'll uncover little maps that Mene tells you point to treasures. There are 24 Chocographs and three locations to dig them up: Chocobo's Forest, Chocobo's Lagoon, & Chocobo's Air Garden.

Some Chocographs point to chests that spray Choco with mist and send him to the dream world. There he'll meet Fat Chocobo who teaches Choco new abilities. Choco can learn to swim reefs(Light Blue), climb mountains (Red), swim the ocean (Dark Blue), and fly (Gold). You'll need to use the Reef ability to find the Lagoon and the Flying ability to find the Air Garden. You'll also need to use the abilities to find all the Chocographs.

During your mini game digs you'll be able to dig up Dead Peppers. If you feed these to Choco at specific locations he can break through crumbly mountain walls, dive deep into the ocean, and rocket into the sky. With this extra power you can discover Treasure Troves on the world map marked by cracks in a mountainside or bubbles in the ocean. Also, you can uncover two hidden locations - Mognet Central & Chocobo's Paradise.

Mognet Central is located on the northern half of the outter continent. You'll find a mountain with cracks on it. For more information regarding Mognet Central click Here.

Chocobo's Paradise is located in the North West corner of the world map. You'll need the Flying ability and a dead pepper to land on this island and break open the entrance. After talking to Mene run down the slope to the right and to the pools. Press the X button to jump up to the top. Here you'll meet Fat Chocobo. If you've found all the Chocographs and Treasure Troves Choco will be welcomed into the fold. If not Fat Chocobo will send Choco back out to continue searching. If you're running short on Dead Peppers one of the side chocobo's will give you up to 99. You can also challenge Fat Chocobo to a card game to win the Fat Chocobo card. As Zidane and Mene are trying to figure out how to get home without Choco, he decides to stay out in the world and continue helping Zidane.

World Map

Click Here to view a map marking the locations of all Chocographs, Treasure Troves, & secret locations.


Choco's four colors coicide with the abilities he gets and uses to find Chocographs. Choco starts out yellow - this is the Field Chocobo. The Light Blue Choco is the Reef Chocobo. The Dark Blue Choco is the Sea Chocobo. Finally Gold Choco is the Sky Chocobo.

1. Streamside At the mouth of the river near chocobo forest 2 Elixirs, 3 Hi-Potions, 4 Ethers, 2 Germinas Boots Field
2. Between Mountains Go South of beach West of Qu's Marsh 5 Potions, 5 Hi-Potions, 2 Tents, 2 Cotton Robes Field
3. Uncultivated Land Follow the river south of Evil Forest on the East side of river 10 Antidote, 1 Jade Armlet, 3 Wing Edge, 1 Cargo Ship card Field
4. Healing Shore On Beach North of Cleyra Reef Chocobo upgrade Field
5. Abandoned Beach On Beach South of Outter Continent Qu's Marsh 9 Phoenix Pinions, 5 Phoenix Downs, 12 Peridots, 1 Diamond Gloves Field
6. Cold Field Near Chocobo Tracks on southern beach of Lost Continent 5 Echo Screens, 7 Hi-Potions, 3 Tents, 1 Theatre Ship card Field
7. Forgotten Lagoon Travel south along the reefs to the south of the Lost Continent, navigate around the shimmering island and to the south will be the treasure 8 Ghyssal Greens, 5 Ether, 7 Hi-Potion, 1 Dragon's Claws Reef
8. Faraway Lagoon Just West of Water Shrine 37 Potions, 6 Magic Tag, 1 Shield Armor, 1 Gaia Gear Reef
9. Abandoned Lagoon Reefs West of Fossil Roo Exit on Outer Continent 6 Soft, 4 Ether, 1 Feather Boots, 1 N-Kai Armlet Reef
10. Bird's Eye Lagoon West of Island off Beach West of Qu's Marsh 8 Potions, 4 Phoenix Downs, 3 Ethers, 1 Magician's Robe Reef
11. Small Beach On Lanshake Island South of Chocobo Forest 4 Remedy, 2 Elixirs, 8 Rising Suns, 1 Oak Staff Reef
12. Dawn Lagoon Near tip of peninsula South of Treno, go East of Chocobo Forest and cross reefs to get there Mountain Chocobo upgrade Reef
13. Dusk Plains Just West of Oeilvert on Forgotten Continent 12 Phoenix Downs, 14 Ore, 1 Kaiser Knuckles, 1 Iron Man Card Mountain
14. Forbidden Forest Exact center of Mist Continent where all mountain ranges meet. 7 Ether, 1 Elixir, 10 Wing Edge, 1 High Mage Staff Mountain
15. Green Plains On a Mountain Ledge North West of Alexandria Sea Chocobo Upgrade Mountain
16. Forgotten Plains At Northern tip of Long Peninsula on Forgotten Continent 17 Ore, 5 Ether, 14 Opal, 1 Demon's Mail Mountain
17. Sea at Dusk Directly North of Wind Shrine; Just off eastern edge of the middle of Forgotten Continent 15 Phoenix Pinion, 1 White Robe, 1 Diamond, 1 Masamune Card Sea
18. Ocean Slightly West of Everland Island (WITHIN VIEW) 27 Ore, 1 Light Robe, 1 Whale Whisker, 1 Alexander Card Sea
19. Cold Lagoon Deep water Cove West of Fire Shrine 11 Peridot, 9 Opal, 15 Sapphire, 19 Topaz Sea
20. Mist Ocean North East of two small islands North East of Alexandria Sky Chocobo upgrade Sea
21. Outer Island Small island East of Desert Palace 21 Amethyst, 16 Garnet, 1 Genji Armor, 1 Ragnarok Sky
22. Outer Island 2 Small island North West of Desert Palace 11 Sapphire, 1 Circlet, 1 Pumice Piece, 1 Hilde Garde Card Sky
23. Fairy Island On North East side of Vile Island located South West of Outer Continent 3 Potions, 15 Annoyntment, 1 Holy Miter, 1 Dark Matter Card Sky
24. Forgotten Island Middle of island just North of Forgotten Continent 1 Ribbon, 1 Rebirth Ring, 13 Amethyst, 1 Ark Card Sky

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Treasure Troves

To access the Treasure Troves you must feed Choco a Dead Pepper at the locations indicated. Usually they are marked by Cracks in the mountainside or Bubbles in the water but sometimes they are hard to see or there is no indication at all.

Trove 1 Southern side of Easternmost Mountain Range on Lost Continent 41 Lapis Lazuli, 1 Rosetta Ring, 1 Protect Ring, 1 Airship Card Mountain Cracks
Trove 2 Mountainside near small area East of Seaways Canyon on Lost Continent 19 Eye Drops, 1 Madain's Ring, 1 Genji Helmet, 1 Hilda Garde 1 Card Mountain Cracks
Trove 3 Mountainside West of Seaways Canyon on Lost Continent (VERY hard to see) 1 Maiden Prayer, 1 Dragon's Hair, 1 Gauntlets, 1 Odin Card Mountain Cracks
Trove 4 In the reef in the southernmost tip of the Forgotten Continent 10 Remedy, 1 Black Robe, 1 Genji Gloves, 1 Blue Narciss Card Bubbles
Trove 5 Go to Quan's Dwelling and look off the ledge outside; Have Choco dive into water 9 Ore, 15 Topaz, 1 Tiger Racket, 1 Red Rose Card Bubbles
Trove 6 Directly between the Northernmost point of the Mist Continent & the tip of the long peninsula on the Outer Continent 8 Straw Hats, 8 Pearl Armlets, 8 Aloha T-Shirts, 8 Sandals Bubbles
Trove 7 Between Lost Continent and Mognet Central Island; the tips of the island and continent point to the trove 50 Potions, 25 Hi-Potions, 9 Ethers, 7 Elixirs Bubbles
Trove 8 EXACT former location of the Shimmering Island (use world map to position yourself) 10 Aquamarine, 1 Ultima Weapon, 1 Maximillian, 1 Invincible Card No Mark

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