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Final Fantasy Exodus' mailbag will be headed temporarily by Nymphadora.

Have you got questions? Are you in a never ending search for answers?? Then just maybe you'll find your answers here! (Who knows, it could happen) Please feel free to e-mail about practically everything in regards to whoever knows something and see what a time we can have.

To participate with the mailbag please send a pm to: mailgirl @

Please support the site and write!
FFXII Walkthrough Update - Dalmasca Estersand

FFXII Walkthrough Update - Barhiem Passage

FFXII Walkthrough Update - Nalbina Dungeons

Work begins on the New FFE!

Zidane Estheim joins the FFE Team

  Our Forums are now host to the FFXIV Free Company Clan Centurio!

Feel free to check it out for content and info regarding FFXIV.

Bar2a Yunie
Clan Centurio
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