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Bhujerban Madhu

After you've gotten the Dawn Shard if you visit Bhujerba you'll hear bits about a famous liquor called Bhujerban Madhu that's in short supply and high demand. You can get 1000 gil per bottle if you sell to the right buyers. So, that's exactly what you're going to do. There are bottles located all over Bhujerba and there's guaranteed to be a buyer in the same area you find a bottle. However, keep in mind that you don't have to sell only one bottle to a buyer - they'll pay the same price for each bottle they can get. The following list will give you the location, its bottle, and its buyer.

MAIT'S MAGICKS: Bottle - with other bottles on table in higher level of shop. Buyer - Bhujerban Guru next to table with bottle.

TARGE'S ARMS: Bottle - in corner between weapons cases on second level. Buyer - Woman speaking with sitting man on ground level.

RITHIL'S PROTECTIVES: Bottle - in a cabinet near the clerk's counter. Buyer - Old Shop Clerk near counter.

BHUJERBAN AERODOME: Bottle - On some luggage in waiting area. Buyer - Man sitting on rail directly across from bottle.

CLIO'S TECHNICKS: Bottle - In box between counter and stairs. Buyer - Shop clerk standing in middle of shop.

BASHKETI'S GAMBITS: Bottle - On bookshelf in upper level. Buyer - Seeq shop clerk on same level.

CLOUDBORNE: Bottle - On table closest to the bar. Buyer - Magu, seeq sitting in alcove between exits.

STARAS RESIDENCE: Bottle - Tucked between dressers to right of entrance. Buyer - Niray, in middle of home (only if you've completed Antlion hunt).

TRAVICA WAY: Bottle - On the street next to Street Kid at southeast end. Buyer - Guy leaning on wall across from magick shop.

KHUS SKYGROUNDS: Bottle - On box with moogle next to street vendor. Buyer - Woman leaning on rail across from street vendor.

MINER'S END: Bottle - On crates next to gambit shop. Buyer - Miner at southeast end talking to moogle.

CLOUDBORNE ROW: Bottle - On stacked boxes in alley below Staras Residence.

KAFF TERRACE: Bottle - Next to seeq at top of stairs. Buyer - woman near edge left from base of stairs.

LHUSU SQUARE: Bottle - On edge of pool before entrance to the mines. Buyer - Miners near seeq street vendor.

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