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Ktjn, Wayward Viera

You can begin this quest once you've returned to Rabanastre from the Barhiem Passage. On the stairs to the Bazaar in an alcove you will find a Viera who seems to need guidance. She will ask you a series of questions and your responses will guide her future. When her future is decided she will give you a reward based on where she ended up.

Ktjn won't ask you the questions all at once. Her question changes based on the story's progression. If you haven't answered all her questions by the time the party has retrieved the Treaty-Blade then she will progress to the next question every fifteen minutes. The answers you choose give you points and these points determine your reward. The point possibilities are 1, 0, or -1. After reading the questions check out the point totals to see what rewards there are and where you'll find Ktjn after all is said and done. Here are the questions she will ask:

Question 1

"Is the city not wonderful? I still lose my way on occasion, but I have come to know some of her walks and alleyways. But the land, I cannot hear it . . . Should this not trouble me as a viera?"

+1: Yes, you should be ashamed.
-1: No, Don't be silly.

Question 2

"I knew my choice would bring hardship, yet . . ."

+1: You should've thought it through.
-1: Things will get better.

Question 3

"All this time my sister has been making her way through the world, while I lived in the sheltered peace of the Wood. I would be as she is. Do you think it possible?"

-1: Sure, if you put your mind to it.
0:I don't know your sister.
+1:It'll never happen.

Question 4

"Perhaps it would be best if I, too, became a warrior like my sister. What do you think?"

+1: I think it's a good idea.
-1: I am not sure.

Your Reward

+4 Points - you will find Ktjn training at the bottom of the stairs in the Clan Hall. She rewards you with a Platinum Sword.

+3 Points - Ktjn replaces the doorkeeper to the Clan Hall. She rewards you with a Paramina Crossbow.

-4 Points - She becomes the new shopkeeper in Migelo's shop. Your reward is a Firefly.

-3 Points - Ktjn becomes a barker for Migelo's shop. The reward is a Fuzzy Miter.

-2 to +2 Points - Ktjn ends up wandering Rabanastre. She can be found 1) Opposite the Gambit shop, 2) Sitting in the bazaar, 3) Near the north exit from the bazaar, or 4) At the airship terminal speaking with some bangaas. When you find her she will reward you with an Ether and 3 Hi-Potions.

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