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Monkey Mating

The Monkey Mating Mini-game becomes available in Chapter 2 in Zanarkand and can be completed at any time in chapters 2,3 and 5. For completion this Mini-game must be completed before the end of Chapter 3.

Monkey Mating involves pairing each monkey with its soul mate. The following table plus room information provided will help you to solve this game.

For simplicity's sake the rooms are divided into 6 so that under the location collumn there will be a number to indicate a monkey's location. Refer to the following for the guide of the room numbers:
- Room #1: First room in the actual dome. This is a very long room with stairs and treasure chests and lots of clutter. There are 6 monkeys in this room.
- Room #2: This is the next room. There will be a large central area with treasure chests on several sides and stairs ahead. There are 5 monkeys in this room.
- Room #3: This is the next room that is the first of the Trial of the fayth from FFX. There is only 1 monkey in here. It's also a rather small room.
- Room #4: This is the larger room of the Trial and has the elevator in the center. This room has 5 monkeys.
- Room #5: This room is at the end of the long corridor after you ride the elevator. It used to be the Chamber of the Fayth but now contains 4 monkeys.
- Room #6: This is the room where Yunalesca was fought in FFX and also where you met Isaaru in an earlier chapter. There are 3 monkeys in here.

Monkeys are in the table in order of how you must find them from top to bottom.

WARNING: Some of the monkeys have the added location on where in a particular room they are located based upon other monkeys. Those other monkeys during the course of this mini-game will relocate so all numbers are determined from where all monkeys are at the very beginning and doesn't adjust for relocations.

Birch#6: On the leftSequoia#5: Middle of the right monkeys
Spring#2: 1st Monkey in room (from south entrance)Autumn#3 (She's the only one in here)
Dusky#1: 1st Monkey in room (from south entrance)Dawne#6: 1st monkey on the right
Rosemary#2: last on the rightThyme#4: bottom right hand corner
Terran#4: top left on platformSkye#6: last on the right
Minni#2: 1st on the left (from the south)Maxx#4: top right on platform
Summer#5: last one on the rightWinter#1: 3rd monkey in room (from the south)
Peke#4: near the elevator (upper left corner) Valli#5: 1st on the right
Canis#2: at foot of stairsFelina#1: 2nd Monkey (from south entrance)
Arroh#4: bottom leftQuivrr#1: last monkey in room
Golde#5: 1st on the leftSylva#1: 5th monkey in the room (from south)
Luna#1: 4th monkey in the room (from the south)Sol#2: 3rd monkey in the room; (2nd on the left)

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