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Besaid Ciphers 2nd Set

Before being able to take on this minigame, the Besaid Key is needed. This can either be purchased in the first few chapters from the Besaid store if you haven't looked at the inventory and increased the chances of it already being sold. If it has already been sold, then the other way to acquire the Besaid key is by rescuing the people in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. You can do this in chapter 3.

In Besaid's temple there is a chamber to the right where the Besaid Key can unlock a chest. In this chest you will find a search sphere. The search sphere helps you to spot the ciphers by uncovering the spheres that reveal the ciphers location.

The Four cipher spheres are located at: 1st - Besaid village underneath the tent behind the shops on the west side. Use this to look at the top of the temple till you spot the cipher.
2nd - Buried near the start of Gunner's Gauntlet where the Aurochs have been training. It is to the south along the fence. Aim at the top of a ridge to the right.
3rd - Following the path to the Beach on the screen with the waterfall pay close attention to your gauge at the beginning of this area before the first bridge. Aim the device once it is uncovered at the top of the waterfall.
4th - At the Lagoon Overlook keep to the left till you find the cipher sphere. Aim at a lone tree to the northeast.

Finally, return to the cipher dungeon and where you took a left turn before because of a wall to the right, this time go to the wall and open it with the ciphers. Follow the path to the very top of the waterfall and left across the waterfall to the far west side is a chest with the Raging Giant garment grid.

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