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Bikanel & The Experiment

The Digging Scene

Digging in the Bikanel is a hired service. It is possible to earn a higher wage by taking tests in the main office at Djose. Answer the questions in a very pro-corporation and selfless manner to pass. Some of the items you can find while digging are coins, al bhed primers, items, and upgrades for The Experiment.

You can also raise your rank. There are four ranks: Sandbox League, Beach Comber, Sand Blaster, and Zen Master of Digging. Your rank can be raised after the following digs as long as you have more successful digs than failed ones: 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 digs.

The Experiment

During Chapter 5 when you visit Djose Temple you will have the opportunity to fight an Al Bhed creation called the Experiment. This creation is the result of all your digging in the Bikanel. Hopefully you haven't done too much digging up to this point because if the Experiment is level 5 the first time you defeat it you won't receive full completion points. When you fight it at lower levels it's somewhat a pushover so the following boss strategy is for the level 5 Experiment. Below you can also find out how to go about upgrading the Experiment.

HP: 18324MP: 0
EXP: 0AP: 40
GIL: 0Pilfer GIL: 5000
STEAL: Turbo EtherDROP: Elixir

The faster you deal heavy damage the better. This thing is rather heavy on damage so be sure to have someone constantly healing, maybe even more than one on occasion if necessary. It will have an instant kill for one character but it does not use this frequently so you should be able to recover.

In order to beat the Experiment with completion it must be defeated once at a level below level 5, rebuilt, and then defeated with each of its 3 attributes at level 5.

After the first battle a repair manual is needed before being able to fight The Experiment again. You can find one at:
-Second floor of Djose Temple: man in room with pedestals, password: MARNELA
-North Chamber in Djose Temple: man seated on floor
-3 monkeys behind reception building outside Djose: when all 3 jump at the same time press the X button
-Mi'ihen Highroad north exit: machina standing between Prophet and empty wagons
-Calm Lands Secret Dungeon: in chest at end of dungeon

For upgrading the Experiment you need to acquire in your digging: Attack, Defense, and Special Assemblies.
If you keep track of the numbers as you dig you will be able to keep track of your level for each area. To reach level 5 each area: attack, defense, and special must attain greater than 38 points.

Type of AssemblyPoints

Remember to keep track of the totals for defense, attack, and specials separately. Happy digging!

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