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Archylte Steppe - Fragments

The Archylte Steppe has 12 fragments to acquire. 3 are story related, 5 are obtained through Cactuar Waystones, and the final 4 are obtained by defeating various bosses throughout the area.

  1. Goblin Fragment - Obtained in your fight with 3 goblins, a miniflan, and a chocobo as part of the main story.
  2. Woolly Stone - Obtained from Myta after getting the wool from the sheep as part of the main story.
  3. Black Hole Gem - Obtained from beating Faeryl in the main story.
  4. Crimson Crystal - Activate Cactuar Waystone 1 in the Plains of Eternity.
  5. Azure Crystal - Activate Cactuar Waystone 2 in Grave Ridge.
  6. Forest Crystal - Activate Cactuar Waystone 3 in Grave Ridge.
  7. Amber Crystal - Activate Cactuar Waystone 4 in the Clearwater Marshes.
  8. Violet Crystal - Activate Cactuar Waystone 5 in the Clearwater Marshes.
  9. Ochu Fragment - Defeat Ochu.
  10. Fragment of Invincibility - Defeat Immortal.
  11. Yomi Fragment - Defeat Yomi.
  12. Long Gui Fragment - Defeat the Long Gui.

Boss: Ochu

Ochu strategy goes here. At the end of the battle you'll get the Ochu Fragment.

Boss: Immortal

Immortal strategy goes here. At the end of the battle you'll get the Fragment of Invincibility.

Boss: Yomi

Before activating this sidequest, first you must Obtain the Ochu Fragment, Leave and Re-enter AS???, and then speak with Tipur. At the end of the battle you'll get the Yomi Fragment. You will need to ride a chocobo to access this fight. In the Grave Ridge there is a land mass with an item on it standing high above the area. Using the chocobo leap and hold the jump button to glide from the cliff near it onto the pillar top. Serah and Noel will automatically dismount and engage in the battle.

Here is the setup I recommend. Which monster fills the different roles is up to what you have raised so I set it by roles instead of specific monsters. I utilise a Synergist, Sentinel, and Saboteur. For the synergist there are no specific abilities necessary, but faith and brave are always nice. Buffs are short lived, but having a variety helps in the fight. The Saboteur would be best if it has Imperil and Wound. The Sentinel mainly needs good high health.

Recuperation SYN MED SYN
Safe Subversion SAB MED SAB
Infiltration SAB SAB SAB
Tortoise SEN SEN SEN
Devastation COM COM SAB
Combat Clinic MED MED SEN

In the table above I have Noel as the party leader. This works as long as he has the Saboteur role and the ability Poison. If he does not, switch him and Serah. Your party leader will need to be actively casting Poison so the ability is a must. Whether he or Serah fills the role of Synergist in Recuperation is not fixed either. The necessary abilities for the Synergist are Vigilance and Veil. It is not necessary for the Synergist in Recuperation to be the party leader. Be sure to own a good handful of Wound potions.

For equipment I recommend Romulus and Remus for Noel. This along with the Magic resist accessories prepares him nicely for the fight. Depending on your characters' stats, Serah may either be set up defensively, or for item farming.

  • Begin the fight with Infiltration. Take the opportunity to set your party leader to cast a chain of poisons so that it is in your quick selection. Throughout the fight you will be throwing this at Yomi.
  • The moment Yomi uses Impenetrable Aura and becomes invincible, switch to Recuperation. You will switch to this every time Yomi is in its impenetrable shield.
  • As soon as Impenetrable Aura ends, switch back to Infiltration and launch Poison at Yomi. Continue to poison it till Poison takes. If any of your characters' life drops more than halfway switch to Safe Subversion
  • If Poison takes and Yomi hasn't used its Impenetrable Aura yet, then switch to Devastation.
  • At some point during the last half of the fight, Yomi will start to use Wicked Whirl. Immediately upon notification of the attack switch to Tortoise. You are not expected to survive this attack otherwise.
  • Any time you need massive healing switch to Combat Clinic. That's it, have fun!

Farming Tip for Yomi: Ride a chocobo all the way to the battle, and all the way back to the weather control device. You can park the bird right beside it, switch weather, pop out then back in to the AS???, switch the weather back to stormy, and ride the chocobo back to battle.

Boss: Long Gui

Long Gui strategy goes here. At the end of the battle you'll get the Long Gui Fragment.

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