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Scene: Chapter 3

Location: Bikanel Desert

Dear Diary,

We stopped by the Bikanel to see what was new and Nhadala had a new mission for us. She wanted us to be emissaries to the Cactuar Nation. Unfortunately none of us spoke Cactuar so she sent us with a translator called Benzo. When we got there we spoke with Marnela the leader of Cactuar Nation. Even though the mission she had for us was a little weird we agreed that it made perfect sense. Marnela wanted us to find the 10 Cactuar Gatekeepers so they can save the nation from some ancient menace.

For more information on completing this quest go to the Cactuar Hunting page.

After we got back from Cactuar Nation we found that two new locations had opened up for excavation: the Eastern & Northern Expanses. Unfortunately the Eastern Expanse had some nasty machina (avoid the green X's) and the Northern Expanse is overrun with Zu's. We'll have to be careful when digging there.

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