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Scene: Chapter 3

Location: Mt. Gagazet - Zanarkand Ruins

Dear Diary,

Well, it appears that the conflict that's been brewing among the Ronso has come to a boil. When we got there Kimahri debriefed us. Garik was wanting to stir up rebellion against Kimahri's leadership and people were actually following! We agreed to knock some sense into Garik. Kimahri also gave us the Trainer Dressphere because we'd answered his questions correctly previously. So, then it was down to business. But, Garik was a bigger punk than we'd thought - he turned off the teleport pads too! So we had to walk to the summit. There we faced down Garik.

HP: 6880MP: 238
EXP: 380AP: 3
GIL: 90Pilfer GIL: 130
STEAL: Icy GleamDROP: Shining Bracer

Garik and his companion are quite the pushover unless you failed to ease the other Ronso's concerns in earlier chapters. If this is the case then Garik will have two buddies and these buddies will drain your MP. Garik will use a powerful version of Mighty Guard on himself that's a combination of Protect, Shell, Regen, Haste, Def. Up, Mag Def. Up, and Evasion Up. He'll also be a lot stronger and faster. You'll need to cast Haste on your party to keep up and then use some form of Dispel on Garik. Eliminate Garik first and then concentrate on his buddies.

Location: Zanarkand Ruins

Dear Diary,

We stopped by Zanarkand to check on Isaaru and see the results of our monkey matchmaking. It turned out even better than expected. Isaaru seemed pretty put out about the monkeys but he had no right to be making a profit off a sacred place.

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